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We offer a wide array of taxation services in Ukraine ranging from advisory to audits.

Like every country, Ukraine also has taxation laws that stipulate the procedure for reporting taxes and how much employees, business owners, and all persons who make an income should set aside for the state budget. These laws may have complex provisions which are hard to interpret correctly, so our company aims to offer support in all segments of taxation to all those who are not in clear terms with the taxation system.

Tax Diagnostics

This service includes helping accounting companies and professional accountants to identify tax problems (if any) which can result in saving money due to prospering from certain tax benefits that are often overlooked by individuals. We also use software and tools of the highest standard for tax diagnostics which enables us to get accurate computerized calculations without human error.

Tax Audit

Our tax audit team makes sure that tax return proceeds smoothly without any complications or mistakes that could lead to a tax audit by authorities. This department keeps neatly track of all your tax activities and keeps away a tax audit from your company, business, or you as an individual. Our experts easily detect any flaws in the tax report and promptly rectify any mistakes. In addition, they may also inform you on tax benefits you could make use of. Tax benefits are sometimes hard to entangle due to complex laws, so it requires an expert team to know in what kind of situations benefits apply.

International Taxation

International taxation includes all businesses that operate outside the country, as well as internationals who operate on the territory of Ukraine. Special legal provisions define the tax procedures for these two complicated categories. In order to avoid double taxation and other burdens, our experts provide professional services to tackle these issues.

Tax Advisory Services

Our legal team is there as a support system offering legal advice and consulting to legal subjects and every individual with the implementation of taxation laws and regulations.


The SPPU legal team consists of well-experienced and knowledgeable lawyers on taxation matters. Their scope of work includes besides advisory services, also making risk assessment analyses for taxes, tax optimization through structuring Ukrainian and international transactions, interpretation of the Ukrainian tax law, as well as announcement of any amendments to the legislation


The tax advisory department will also help with the preparation of any documents required for submission of appeals to the tax authorities. The department also works with foreign companies offering them help in dealing with taxes as internationals in Ukraine.
The team may advice above-named subjects on the tax base, fees, and taxes in general.

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The SPPU is one of the market leaders in Ukraine when it comes to taxation services.

Our goal is to provide companies with the so much needed and valuable information on different tax issues that arise so often. The complex and more global, business environment led to a complex tax system that takes into account all kinds of incomes, and we made it our mission to enhance the Ukrainian taxation system by reducing errors in tax reports and providing different evaluations and analyses on taxpayers, tax money, and the tax laws to eventually contribute to a better society and the satisfaction of taxpayers.

The SPPU helps in removing the tax hurdles that so often slow down businesses which could use the time to focus on their business development instead of dealing with their time-consuming tax reports and accounting. Cooperation with SPPU is based on the best business practices and mutual trust between our clients and us.

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Ukraine Taxation

The Ukrainian taxation authorities expect their citizens liable to taxation to submit their tax returns by April 30 every year; whereas the due date for final tax payment is 31 July. Persons who have to file a tax return are private companies and individual business owners with or without employees. The obliged parties have to submit their tax filing reports on time in order to avoid fines and penalties which can be significant. The penalty fee gradually increases with time passed, e.g. a 30-day delay results in a 10% fine of the total amount of tax liability, whereas a delay over 30 days results in a 20% fine of the tax liability amount. The tax rate stands at 18% of personal income.

Tax Compliance

Tax laws compliance represents the basis in any kind of handling taxes, so it is of utmost importance that all tax activities are in accordance with current legislation. Many companies and natural persons aim to make use of tax exemptions, but to assess the situation correctly; one has to be familiar with every tax regulation. Our legal team has studied and applied the tax law in practice for a significant period, and it has a deep understanding of the legal foundation, on which, the tax procedures rest.

Accounting Advisory Services

The business environment is growing complex rapidly, and many companies struggle to keep up with accurate financial reporting and transactions, so they turn to the assistance of many professional companies to help them with filing financial reports. Our job is to offer support to such companies by providing them advice and guidelines in every stage of the financial report. Complex transactions experience and technical knowledge help our company to be one of the leading accounting advisory provider in Ukraine. Our team works very committed to provide solutions in financial reporting by using an individual approach adjusted to the specific company’s needs.

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From complex tax planning strategies for businesses to basic income tax preparation for individuals, SPPU is ready to assist you.